How to become a member

To become a member = it’s simple! Just complete our membership application form for Toastmaster International and hand it to a club officer (e.g. to the Vice President of education) or scan and email it to

Membership fees

The membership fees for 6 months are € 120 (€ 20/month) There is a one-time fee of €20 for new members for your Toastmasters Starter-Package. This includes the login information to our “Pathways-Program”. A personalisable online course with which we work. We are a non-profit association and all work is done on a volunteer basis.

Ending a membership

Membership can be canceled every six months (at the latest two weeks before March 31st or September 30th). Thereafter you can still attend as a guest – without the rights to present prepared speeches or take other roles in the club meeting.