Our members

Our Members

The Düsseldorfer Toastmasters is a very dynamic club

In the largest Club in Europe (second worldwide) – and based in the state capital of NRW, many of our members are German native speakers. We are also pleased that an average of 15 other nationalities are at home in the club. They come, for example, from Armenia, Bulgaria, China, Eritrea, France, India, Iran, Japan, Congo, Latvia, Mexico, Netherlands, Russia, Sweden, Turkey, Ukraine, Hungary – and a special mention goes to Scotland. Of course the constellation is always changing.

It does not matter who and what you are, you are always right with the Düsseldorfer Toastmasters.

Here, beginners, advanced and professionals sit next to each other. People who are very good at and those who perhaps are not quite as good at German mix together. We learn and help each other continuously so that all individuals become more competent in giving speeches. In attendance you will find high school and university students, teachers, coaches, company- and media consultants, managers, medical professionals, lecturers, merchants, architects, human resource managers, developers, housewives, entrepreneurs and a business photographer. This, of course, always changes. So far only a clergyman has never turned up to attend.

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Our age range is between under 20 and over 65. The average age is between 25 and 45 years. Both women and men are equally interested in their progress of public speaking and speeches.

Like all toastmasters, we talk to each other in a very friendly atmosphere.

Learning by listening and practicing speeches – but without any pressure.

The US sociologist Benjamin Barber summed it up: “I do not divide the world into strengths or weaknesses or winners and losers. I divide the world into learners and non-learners. ”

Our members are concerned about systematically improving their own speech skills and achieving the desired result. Without a coach, without pressure, without any compulsion to do something or speak. But whenever you are ready and feel up to it you can give a prepared speech. Some people also like to learn by listening. Others have come to us directly after a rhetoric course, or have even been referred to us from there. And we’re all there because of the fun we have at every club night.

Our speakers are from Düsseldorf, Wuppertal, Essen, Hilden or Duisburg, from the Lower Rhine or from the Netherlands – that is, from a wider catchment area. We have even had the pleasure to entertain guests from Cologne on several occasions.

A great culture of mixing – and it is easy to join.

This mixture means that everyone quickly gets to know someone with whom he can share professional or private interests – or whom he or she simply finds very interesting. Arriving and settling down at the Düsseldorfer Toastmasters is easy.

Members attest to us – and therefore themselves – three things especially:

  • Continuous individual progress: “Here you get feedback that really helps”.
  • Open atmosphere: “One is friendly and appreciative to each other”.
  • Fun through variety: “There is always something interesting going on, theme evenings, summer party, debating evenings, renowned guest speakers, visit of other Toastmasters clubs at home and abroad and much more”.

Almost forgot to mention: we like to applaud our members a lot….

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